How to Make Appreciation Loud and Clear

How to Make Appreciation Loud and Clear

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Everyone on Team Innovision Dynamics offers something unique and valuable to the group and the firm alike. These talents and hard work don’t go unnoticed. Our leaders offer recognition in a number of ways, both large and small. Following are some of the most impactful.

Innovision Dynamics frontrunners are quite vocal about hard work and big outcomes. They applaud team members on social media, during meetings, and even during national industry events. We also receive sincere emails and hand-written thank-you notes. Just as importantly, this praise is consistent. Similar successes enjoy similar levels of appreciation, from one person to the next.

Our leaders realize that we have priorities outside the workplace, so they are as flexible as possible in terms of scheduling. Whether one of us needs to exit the office for appointments or take some time away for the holidays, we all work together to make it happen. This goes a long way toward making us feel valued.

Sometimes our managers give us something special – and completely unexpected. It’s fun and exciting to be surprised with a catered lunch, for instance. Bonuses like tickets to movies and sporting events are nice gestures as well. Even some cookies or donuts on a busy day make us feel special.

These means of recognition keep us motivated and engaged. Like Innovision Dynamics on Facebook to get better acquainted with our professionals.