These Networking Hacks Never Fail

These Networking Hacks Never Fail

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Big achievements rarely result from solo endeavors. They’re much more likely to be born from teamwork. This is the motivation behind our Innovision Dynamics networking efforts. Relationship building leads us to referrals and more introductions, coaching opportunities, new team members, details on the latest business best practices, and more.

Of course, we are strategic when it comes to networking. We want to make the most of our activities. The wise use of time and energy is one of our focal points. Instead of randomly approaching people and chatting idly, we deliver prepared pitches, use interesting talking points, and ask insightful questions.

It may seem like a rather small detail in the grand scheme of things, but remembering the names of the people we meet is always a top priority. During our conversations, we repeat others’ names at least twice. Doing so helps us commit them to memory. It has the added bonus of letting our contacts know how much we value them.

We know just as well as anyone that connecting with unfamiliar people can cause a bit of nervousness. No one from Innovision Dynamics is exempt from this feeling. We’ve learned to transform our anxiety into confidence by reframing it as positive energy.

These techniques come in handy during every networking function. Check out our Innovision DynamicsFacebook, where you’ll find lots of useful insights like these.