How We Overcome Common Networking Roadblocks

How We Overcome Common Networking Roadblocks

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Networking is a vital skill for the modern professional, so we make it a big part of our Innovision Dynamics coaching program. One of the best ways we’ve found to help our team members feel comfortable growing their networks is to address the common concerns that people often have about contacting, and help them work past these potential roadblocks.

Here are some of the most common hang-ups we’ve encountered when it comes to networking, and our Innovision Dynamics recommendations for dealing with them:

” “Networking Makes Me Nervous”: This is probably the biggest roadblock most people have, so we deal with it right away in our training. Rather than try and convince ourselves not to feel nervous, we find it best to redefine our energy. We decide to interpret our anxiety as excitement, which (with practice) helps us look forward to networking.

” “I Don’t Like Selling Myself”: Somehow, this has become the expectation that many people have of a networking event. We recommend taking the opposite approach though; rather than selling, look for ways to be of service to others. This makes the process of meeting people much more relaxing and comfortable for us. Our method comes with an added bonus as well, which is that networking with the intent to give helps us stand out in the minds of those we meet.

Dealing with these common objections will help you become a more effective networker. Find more of our networking strategies by following Innovision Dynamics on Twitter.